Is It D-E-J or DEJ?

The Creators of the DEJ Show

What is a podcast? When I looked it up the definition it stated that a podcast is a series of spoken word episodes. Though this may be a solid definition, I believe the thing that it is missing is “thought-provoking.” These series of thought-provoking spoken word episodes are an outlet for the creator to release their thoughts and somehow change or challenge your point of view. The creator’s thought can be comedic or insightful. At the DEJ Show, they exhibit both of those traits. The DEJ Show was made by Damonte, Eric, and Joseph, a group of friends who wanted to showcase their different perspectives to the world. These three friends come from different communities that contribute to their very unique perspectives. Eric is from Chicago but he has been throughout the city and even moved to the suburbs which allowed him to gain an insight into Urban and Suburban communities. Joseph is from New Orleans which gives him a different perspective from someone up north. Damonte is from Chicago but also moved to Georgia when he was younger and moved back to Illinois which allows him to understand both Eric’s and Joseph’s point of view. Though they are very different this trio makes up for it through the diverse topics they discuss on their show.

These diverse topics can range from celebrities needing to speak up about social justice to positive messages that will enhance people’s views. Of course, I had to listen to this podcast and start from episode one. While listening to the first minute in, I couldn’t help but laugh because they couldn’t figure out how to pronounce the name of their show. Even though there are many moments like this, they still focus on the serious topics on hand. I feel as though one thing they may not realize with having this platform their opinions or thoughts could give someone hope again. You never know what impact you can make on someone but, for the, they hope their fans can take away that even though the topics are serious, they can find light in any given circumstance. Overall The DEJ show is worth listening to. As they grow with each episode, they want others who are starting a podcast to remember to get everything together, never give up, and don’t get lost in your sauce. While taking their advice to better their podcast their listeners can expect guests on the show soon. To stay up to date with updates on their podcast you can follow DEJ Show on Facebook or subscribe to their youtube DEJ Show.

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