JAJ’s Lessons


In life, there are many curve balls and opportunities that come you didn’t expect. Artist JAJ is experiencing this right now.

JAJ is from the south side of Chicago and allows this to impact his music. While interviewing JAJ we discussed how important Chicago is to his music. Being from Chicago has given him the life experience he needs to create his music. According to JAJ without Chicago, his music wouldn’t exist. While listening to his music you can hear the city come to life in his music. The feelings and experience of growing up in the city. From talking about people surrounding you doubting you, plotting on you, and chasing your dreams to make a way out. He speaks about all of this in his newest project Different that came out on September 9, 2020. Though this project spews fruitful words that can help someone he doesn’t want his audience to just focus on the music but his actions. But, how can you focus on JAJ’s actions without knowing them?

JAJ always had a way with words. In the seventh and eighth grade he was a part of a poetry club and constantly recited poems in front of his school and church. As he grew from this he began to take creative writing in high school and unlocked the ability to express himself better. If you know JAJ you know that he doesn’t vent or talk about his problems frequently so he allows his art to speak for him. He compares music as a therapist and their patient getting everything out within their sessions. Though he can do this it wasn’t the reason he began his musical journey.

JAJ never thought of pursuing music until his friends encouraged him to do so. The story of his origin is an ah-ha moment for him. One night he was in the studio and put something together to show his friends. They enjoyed it and he showcased it to the world. Though this night shows the start of the support it continues to grow and it is evident with his project Different. When speaking with him he explained that he never received “everybody trynna rap” treatment. The reason for this is possibly because he has a way with words and it is refreshing to hear someone new and watch them make their way to the top. Especially someone with a mindset that gives valuable advice.

Advice is always valuable when it comes to something new and when life throws us curve balls we don’t expect. JAJ left us with three keys to focus on. The first one is to stay true to yourself because people can spot a fake. Remain genuine and everything will fall into place. Second, you’re not going to be able to please everyone. If you are a person who needs to please everyone certain things may not be for you. Lastly, if it doesn’t make sense to you do not do it. Not everyone is going to see your vision and that is okay. Overall with messages like these and the continuous growth he presents as an artist. JAJ is someone you don’t want to miss out on. If you’d like to keep up with him you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @jajfire.

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