Future Goat


Within this generation there are many artist that are trying to make it out but one that has caught my eye since 2011 is D-Vo.
D-Vo also known as Devon Fields is an artist from Chicago’s Westside. He is an artist who is innovative and exhibits growth throughout his music career. D-Vo got his start with rapping through writing in the fifth grade. Slowly he allowed his writings to become bars he eloquently spits in his songs today. If you have been watching D-Vo since 2011 you can hear his growth as a rapper. In 2011 he was just a young fifth grader getting the feel of how he is supposed to spit his flow to become the versatile artist we know today.
Through the nine years, D-Vo has been working on his craft not only as a rapper but as a producer and partial creator of Rated By Greatness (RBG). RBG is an independent label that he and his friends created to help other artists reach their artistic vision through different creative outlets. The other creators of RBG consist of Armoni Taffe, Derro, and Musa. In a conversation with D-Vo, he states “The others in RBG inspire me to keep going. They keep me trying to innovate myself and make better music every time they play me new stuff they’ve been working on. It’s like friendly competition and we keep each other on our feet.” With this friendly completion between the four D-Vo has created two EPs, a debut album, and a collection of singles.

D-Vo’s EPs consists of Doing Everything Very Outstanding and Big 19 (Sneak Peak). In 2018 he released his first EP Doing Everything Very Outstanding. In this EP he shows the pain he went through growing up and the pain in his love life. Although this EP embodies pain he ends it with a knock out letting everyone know he’s here to take over the rap game. In 2019 on the artist’s birthday he released his second EP called Big 19 (Sneak Peak). In this EP he shows what didn’t make it on to his debut album. In my opinion, the album and the EP are cold. He calls out the haters in this EP that says he only has one good song. In D-Vo’s debut album, he reminds us to Be Great. With Be Great being the title of the album he did his job making sure the album is great. Looking at where he was to where he is now D-Vo is an artist that you want to look out for in the future.
Regardless of the music, D-Vo is an intellect with some great advice. He advises new artists to keep pushing even when things don’t happen immediately and to remember those years of growing and working will help your craft for when it’s time. Also, the best things happen when you fail a million times because when you succeed, it can change your whole life.

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