Nature’s Story

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what happens when true beauty is in front of you. Quanelle English exhibits what to do when there’s actual beauty in front of you. He shows us not to turn a blind eye to it but capture the beauty in its prime. Quanelle English is a photographer from Chicago’s West Side that captures beauty in the little things. He uses the beauty in nature to be his inspiration for photography. Through his artwork he wants his viewers to have thought-provoking conversations about what they are viewing. These conversations should allow the viewer to catch a vibe from nature rather than just allowing it to surround you.

Using his art to create a thought-provoking space you would never know Quanelle English is just a beginner with his art. With being a beginner he is still feeling around and learning about his out form completely but that doesn’t deter from the message he wants his viewers to understand. Yes, he wants viewers to discuss and think about what they are looking at but in his words he wants people to know, “everything is beautiful, it just has to be seen at the right angle.”

Mr.English plans to expand himself as an artist by creating a slideshow of all his photos and posting it on social media. He has been getting recognition for his photograph from those who are close to him and is ready to break out. If he could advise any beginner like himself he would want them to remember to go out and try something new and expand your talents horizons.

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