Capturing The Essence

We’ve heard of time is of the essence but never heard of someone capturing the essence of life. This week’s artist Milan Washington does just that.
Milan is a Chicago South Side native who has started her own photography company. She may be a photographer now but that wasn’t always the case. In a conversation with Milan, she spills the beans on all she’s tried before photography. Milan played basketball but it didn’t fulfill her soul so she tried to play to the guitar which was another fail for her. She was in a rut for a while until she met Tony Smith.
Tony Smith and his After School Matters and Oakwood Shores programs was a game-changer for Milan. Although, Milan didn’t see photography as a fit for her Mr. Smith did. He was her saving grace. Through him and her photography, she realized she is good at this. Not only is she talented with photography but it is her way to tell her story. A story that wouldn’t have been heard of if she didn’t find her true love. With Tony Smith being Milan’s inspiration for photography she gained confidence in her artwork and created her company with her friend Niyah Edmond called mngallery.
Mngallery was inspired by The Clarkstreetcollection which is a photography group made by a group of men that blew up in Chicago. You can look for mngallery in the future with the many projects they are working on now. Their main focus is Basketball season photos. If you are looking for any of your photos to be taken you can contact them on Instagram @mngallery.

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