Rob G’s Funday

Rob G

It is important to be different in your artistry because no one should have the ability to do something the same way you are doing it. Artist Rob G shows how important it is to be different from his music.

Rob G is an artist from Southern California but he doesn’t let his setting influence him as an artist. He has always been seen as different so he embraces this with his music. With his influence being that he is different he allows this to be the reason he began music. Rob G has been doing music for two years on and off but fortunately, he has come back with his current project Fun Day. During these two years, he learned that his start in music came through not knowing anyone who is like him personality-wise.

Being different has influenced Rob G greatly and is heard in his music. It is especially hard in his recent project Fun Day. On this project, there is a different vibe that hasn’t been felt in a long time. From his songs “MONEY” to “3RD LIFE” you can hear how the energy shifts through his words and beats in the song. Though the energy shift like how it shifts during a day Rob G believes that every day he spent working on Fun Day it was a fun day. With his music being different his message remains universal. He wants his audience to know that he is human and experience emotion too. Not only this but like other people his age he wants to find himself.

Though Rob G is set on being different he has advice for new artists. This advice is not to think that you are better than anybody else because we are all in competition but to grow the best way is to grow together. He also encourages artists to be open to constructive criticism. With that being said keep up with Rob G and his new projects through Instagram and Twitter @fake__rob.

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