Cre8tives Critiqu3: Live Life Fast

Cre8tives United rating on Live Life Fast by Roddy Ricch.

Throughout the past year, there have been doubts about Roddy Ricch having the ability to create his sound after his first project Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial. In his first project and throughout his career there have been moments where he sounds like many of his influencers. Though this may be the case, it shows that Roddy Ricch is adaptable. On December 17, 2021, the Compton rapper released his sophomore album Live Life Fast. This album contests every doubt a critic placed in front of him. Although the album consists of the same style in Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, he remains consistent with his sound.

In his newest project, Roddy Ricch would not allow his audience to forget that he took his time with it. Taking this time out to work on this project he had the opportunity to implement self-reflection to help his fans understand why living life fast is not the way to go. The first song “llf” emphasizes that time is a luxury because once it is spent you won’t have the opportunity to get it back. Once this is embedded in the listeners’ mind the journey of him living with his newfound fame begins. As the listener is on this journey with Roddy Ricch you can hear the different approach he has when it comes to being grateful for his new lifestyle.

The tracklist is extremely important when listening to this project. It shows how he’s living well and he’s back in the game. On the second track of the album, “thailand”, he uses references to show everyone where he is at in life. He does this by referencing himself in the second verse by saying, “Got rich off ‘The Box’ how I box me?” Roddy also references “Wetty” by Fivio Foreign who is later featured on “murda one.” The features are essential to this album as Jamie Foxx recites his monologue from Kanye West’s “Slow Jams” on “no way” to remind Roddy and his listeners to slow down.

While the album slows life down the production causes listeners to reflect on life. In “rollercoastin” Roddy explains to us how life is a rollercoaster. As he exhibits this in the song he pulls the listeners in at the end with a voicemail from his grandmother. Throughout the album, there are numerous features like Gunna, Lil Baby, Future, Takeoff, and more. Instead of listening to the critics and sounding like his features he steps out and stays consistent with his sound. It shows growth in “The Box” artist as he learned to adapt differently with features. As a Jazz riff consume listeners ears at the beginning of “moved to miami” featuring Lil Baby, Roddy was able to keep up by setting the pace and making the song his.

As the project comes to an end with “25 million” the audience hears how the project comes full circle. He shows that he remained true to his vow of getting money and being successful. Once the listener finishes the project the concept of taking your time and cherishing time should be on their mind as they continue their day. Although this project doesn’t consist of heavy hitters like “The Box” and “War Baby” it is a solid no skip project. If you enjoyed Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial you’ll enjoy the message and development of Live Life Fast.

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