Cre8tives Critiqu3- Still Over It

Being left to reflect on your love life has always been the result when listening to Summer Walker. Her 2019 debut album Over It leaves fans with an opportunity to figure out what to do with their love life next. For the past two years, Walker left her fans to ponder as she curates the answers herself in her newest project Still Over It.

Still Over It showcases Walker’s storytelling from the very second Bitter begins and the very end of Ciara’s Prayer. This album exhibits a journey of a woman who is going through a messy breakup and more. Walker knows this all too well as she is experiencing this herself. Her experience makes this album raw and her storytelling more relatable. In “Bitter” Walker’s pain can be felt to the point that you find yourself asking, “London did you screw this B**ch for real” also.

Walker could not complete this story alone, she uses her features to narrate and tell their stories as they blend well with her own. As “Bitter” comes to an end Cardi B’s voice comes in giving Walker advice on dealing with her producer, her ex-significant other, London On Da Track, and his other baby mothers. Cardi B advises Walker to “put that drama in your music,” and she continues to do so throughout the album. Walker’s lead single is “Ex for a Reason” which is co-produced by Sean Garret and features JT from the City Girls and gives the album a bubbly feel. “No Love” featuring SZA adds to Summer walkers storytelling very well.

In this 20 track album, Walker is against the wall as she cries for attention in “You Don’t Know Me.” She pleads for London to listen to her as she continues to list that he should know about her body, mind, and wants by now. It is emphasized that he would know this if he paid attention to her. The sequence of Walker’s story is well put together as “You Don’t Know Me” comes after her song “Reciprocate.” In “Reciprocate” Walker express how she wants the energy she Gives back. She doesn’t want to pour into an empty glass. Which is something that we all tend to do from time to time. At this point in the album, Summer is getting to the nitty-gritty of what people may have been thinking when it comes to their situations.  

Still Over It has many memorable moments as Walker expresses her anger and hurt. “Constant B******t” is a hidden gem with a catchy hook that reminds you of what it feels like to be fed up. Though the album has many heavy hitters “Unloyal” remains one of the most enticing hidden gems on the album yet. The way Walker and Lennox’s voices glides on the sax in the background will have you in awe. We see a different side of Walker in “4th Baby Mama” as she starts the song off with, “I wanna start with your mama, she should’ve whooped your a**.” In this album, Walker has shown that she is not the one to be played with. 

Once the album comes to an end you can pinpoint how the album comes full circle. Starting with a significant other that drags you through trying times and ending with a prayer to bring someone better into your life. Walker’s fans should learn from her experience and this album. Though we may not know what is going to happen next we have the power to determine what is best for us.

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