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The world is a continuous cycle of fighting against the odds placed in front of you. Whether if it’s the color of your skin, where you come from, or your gender you can always find a way out. Artist Santiago Tamez teaches those around him that you can always beat the odds.

Santiago Tamez also is known as Santi is from Chicago’s far South Side and Mexican background. He wears many hats that consist of; being a poet, producer, photographer, and an innovator. Tamez has had this idea of what he wanted to do with his life since 2015. His dream of owning a label that is minority-owned came true in early 2019. This label is called Culture Chronicles. Culture Chronicles is a label for music artists, producers, writers, poets, and more to work and perfecting their craft. To Santi, Culture Chronicles is a home for creatives like him where they can own all masters to their work. This young artist is on to something big.
Before Santiago Tamez was able to make his dream come true he focused on his inspirations in the industry. Starting with OLD Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and J. Cole sparking his interest in writing. Santi has had the chance to diversify his writing while mainly focusing on the problems for Brown skin people in society. To make things spark a charge in his head for producing he focus on Kanye West, Heatmakerz, and Just Blaze. All these artists have helped him developed himself as a producer and make Culture Chronicles become what it is today.

Culture Chronicles have a very promising future which was shown on August 3, 2019. Santi hosted his first cipher for different artists in the Chicago land area. It was a show that presented very promising talent. In the mean time, Santi has no upcoming projects yet but is looking for other artists to collaborate with. If you are interested you can contact him through his Instagram @culturechronicles19. To any upcoming artist, Santi wants you to remember, “Stay true to yourself don’t go chasing a wave it’s ok to be different. Please do not sign away your art to these white-owned labels, keep it within the culture. Let’s build ourselves and support each other. Keep it in the culture. Brown & Black is beautiful so let’s stick together and build something bigger than life itself.”

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