Between The Lines

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”-Wayne W. Dryer 

Singer/ Dj BabydollE

Change is something that needs to happen to all of us as individuals. Even if the change is bad it signifies growth. Change shows that you still have time to become a better you. As a person and as an artist it is important to grow. An artist needs to grow so that they can reach themselves and their audience better. Not only that, they open new doors for themselves and challenge themselves. An artist that is challenging herself as a new R&B artist is Babydoll also a known producer/ Dj Babydoll E. 

 Babydoll is a new R&B artist from Chicago but before she’s a singer/ songwriter she’s a Dj and producer. Though these titles are a part of the same industry it is completely different. Babydoll is currently learning how to manage both of these tasks and is doing it very well. Like Simexn, Babydoll is heavily influenced by her family. One person in her family that has a great impact on her music is her father Dj Nick Nonstop. Her father is the person who taught her how to Dj and equipped her with the tools she needed to be the Dj she is today. Her father wasn’t the only family member who impacted her as a creative her mother did also. Her mother contributed to her as a singer by playing older R&B music. Knowing her background you can see why she is such a diverse creative. 

Having the best of both worlds is amazing especially when it comes to beats she made and people who impact her. As a Dj and producer Kanye West influences her art because of his chopped up samples and the instruments used. You can hear this influence in a song BabydollE produced for Kid Winter. This song is entitled “Remember.” The beat goes crazy and proves how talented BabydollE is. As far as a Dj one of Dj BabydollE’s best mixes is Dollhouse Music Pt1. This mix consists of House music which is another genre of music that heavily impacts her as an artist. 

Babydoll is one of a kind and shouldn’t be underestimated. Her friends and her boyfriend El Rell helped her step out of her comfort zone so that she can showcase this talent to the world. Through all of this BabydollE now becomes Babydoll, a singer that has a range to do anything. Recently Babydoll dropped a song entitled “Remind Me” and a feature on El Rell song “Special.” Although she is just starting as a singer you can hear the potential in her. 

 Overall Babydoll is an artist that exhibits growth and will continue to grow. It’s so much that we can expect from her within the next few months from a new EP to a couple of features on other artists’ songs. Babydoll is constantly evolving and you do not want to miss it. To keep up with Babydoll’s artistry you can follow her on twitter and Instagram @_babydolle.

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