Chris 2TN

Chris2TN: Founder of 2Turnt Nation

Finding what you want to do with your time here on earth may be difficult to do but sometimes it comes naturally to people. Today’s highlight focuses on that. Meet Chris also known as Chris2TN.

Chris is a Chicago native who sees Chicago and its surrounding areas for what it should be; a place for fun. Many people know Chris for his brand 2 Turnt Nation. 2 Turnt Nation is a party brand that began when Chris got to college. Before 2 Turnt Nation, there was College Craze. College Craze was Chris’s foot through the door. Though Chris had his foot through the door it wasn’t until he realized his value as a DJ and branched off to start something of his own. Ever since Chris branched off and created 2 Turnt Nation it has been a roller coaster worthwhile.
As the story about 2 Turnt Nation unfolds you begin to understand the importance and value in the message Chris and his team is trying to portray. In Chicago, it is hard to have fun at a party because you never know what could happen. It could be a fight, a shooting, or something else that ruins the fun. With this in mind, Chris wants 2 Turnt Nation to be a safe space where African Americans can have fun without violence. If you’ve been or seen the videos for his parties you would see he is indeed accomplishing this goal. Though this goal is being achieved it wouldn’t be where it is without a couple of bumps in the road. In an interview with Chris, he told us a party that he had a challenge with was the Back to School Bash in 2018. This even featured artists Lil Tawn, Og Stevo, and Solly Bandz. At first, no one wanted to enter until Chris figured out a way to accommodate everyone. With that being said Chris is an innovative creative/ businessman because when he needs to he gets the job done.

Before Chris was Chris 2TN he was a skate guard at Lynwood Skating Rink in his junior year of high school. This job created the opportunity for Chris to become a DJ. At this particular job, Chris wanted more than just skating around in circles. Chris wanted the ability to do what he wanted to do. So according to him, he took the “easy way out” but who would’ve known him taking the easy way out would create 2 Turnt Nation. Sometimes we think that we are doing something just because but we’re starting building blocks for our future. Not only is Chris putting down the foundation for his future but the future of the African American community also. With 2 Turnt Nation Chris plans on employing members of his community, generating Black wealth, and hosting events like Rolling Loud.
Although this article focuses on Chris as an event planner he still has so much more to offer. From being a Dj to a vlogger to an event planner Chris is a serious threat to other event planners in Chicago and its surrounding areas. To keep up with Chris, 2 Turnt Nation Events, and so much more follow him on Instagram and twitter @Chris2TN.

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