How You Stepping?

Chicago artist Hxllywood

Growing up and living in Chicago you soon become accustomed to the culture. Various things make up this culture from hot Cheetos with meat and cheese to foot working and going to the Bud Billiken Parade in the summer. Although there are negative aspects of Chicago there are many positives and artist Hxllywood also known as Mr. How You Stepping shows this with his music. 

Hxllywood is a Chicago native that allows the culture to impact his music. Most of his songs derive from old Chicago’s foot working music. An example of this is his song “How You Stepping” from his project F.H. Though his music is influenced by Chicago’s footworking music he adds his flare to it. Most of Hxllywood’s music gives off a positive vibe like his song “I’m Bussin.” The visual and song itself gives you a chance to forget about the negativity for a moment. 

As Hxllywood began to establish himself as an artist his song “How You Stepping” began to blow up. This blow-up happened twice. The first time happened last year three months after he released it and again this month as it became viral on Tik Tok with the hashtag #steppingchallenge. Hxllywood finally realized that this was his moment and he has to take a hold of it to portray Chicago in a more positive light. The reason Hxllywood wants a positive light to shine over Chicago is that it is more than the violence. Though the violence is a huge problem he wants his music to give people hope that Chicago could go back to what it used to be. Little did he realize he is already doing that. From his song “How You Stepping” to “Dussex” he is stepping out of his comfort zone and giving Chicago a chance to find happiness during its storm. 

By reminding people of how Chicago can be, he wants to remind upcoming artists to be themselves. It is hard to perfect your craft when you’re trying to be like someone else. While explaining this in an exclusive interview he uses himself as an example. Hxllywood’s music allows him to be himself which makes him and others happy. His song “I’m Bussin” once again can be used as an example. Within the song, he’s animated by describing his experience. Once you think you’re dancing along to the song you’re laughing at his comments within the song too. Overall Hxllywood is a positive reinforcement that the city should focus on. If you want to keep up and have a good time follow Hxllywood on Instagram and Twitter @hxllywoodd. 

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