J. Howell; R&B artist from Memphis Tennessee.

Everyone has their own culture that they value very much. This culture can be the reason you thrive creatively or as a person. Although some concepts of culture and the trend of them on social media may not be very accurate. A culture that has helped today’s featured artist J. Howell thrives in Tennessee’s music culture. J. Howell is an R&B artist from Memphis, Tennessee. Being from Tennesse impacts his music greatly. Tennessee gave J. Howell the chance to connect with Blues and R&B more than ever. Not only does Tennessee’s music culture influence his music but artists like Beyoncé, Smokey Robinson, and Miguel do also. As he was growing and loving these singers he was soon about to realize he could be one himself. Before J. Howell became the artist he is today; he was just a kid who loved music and loved to sing it. People around always told him he could sing but it wasn’t until an eye-opening day in music class where one of his closest friends made him sing. Ever since this day, J. Howell has been singing his heart out.

Now that we know his origins, what makes J. Howell so different from everyone else? It is very simple. J Howell is different because of his voice. His voice is mesmerizing and will leave you speechless. He draws the listener in with only belting out one note. J. Howell showcased his mesmerizing voice in his new project RedRoom. Not many people know RedRoom’s songs were already recorded and his manager encouraged him to put out the project. If it wasn’t for this we probably wouldn’t have this beautiful body of art displayed on all streaming platforms today. Another fun fact about RedRoom is that the project gained its title because it was recorded in a red studio room. I could continue talking about how RedRoom occurred but we should think about what it means to people. For J. Howell RedRoom was an escape and gave him the chance to get his feelings out. I honestly believe with this project he released a lot of feelings people could relate to especially with songs like “Something About Ya”, “Faithful”, and “My Everything.” Each one of these songs has different messages but it all comes back to the concept of love.

Singing about love and being in love with what you do are two different things but J. Howell somehow combined these two things into one. Through his journey, his love for music continues to grow because music is everything to him. It isn’t about gaining clout but genuinely being in love with what he does. As for his music and what his fans feel he wants to leave a lasting memory. This means that when his songs are played a memory comes to mind like receiving your first kiss, or first love, or anything that’s your first. I truly believe he will achieve this level because his music and his voice are memorable. Overall J. Howell is an artist that everyone should give a listen to. He will leave you feeling a way that you’ve never felt before. If you would like to hear his work and learn more about him you can follow J. Howell on Instagram and twitter @jhowellmusic1.

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