Ralph Lauren once said, “I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” This saying can be interpreted as designing clothes so that your audience can feel confident. Designer Jashon Rainey also known as François uses his craft and his fashion sense as an outlet to express himself and his clients. If it wasn’t for this mindset François wouldn’t be where he is today with his clothing line named Jafré Denim. 

 François is a Chicago native that allows the city’s streetwear fashion to impact his creativity. Jafré Denim is a custom clothing line where each piece is one of a kind and hand made by him. Jafré’s designs may be customized by the customer but that doesn’t stop him from going above and beyond to make each piece special to him. This is extremely important for a designer/ creative because if you are not in tune with your art, then you cannot expect your audience to be. François is a timeless designer solely for this mindset alone. 

 The question is, how did Jafré Denim come about. Jafré Denim obtained its name from François combining both his first name and middle name to make his line special to him. His story on how he got started is all about confidence and finding love within yourself. According to Françoi,  without this, then what is fashion exactly? François was influenced to start his brand from small brands on social media. Small businesses have this drive to keep going and keep creating. This was instilled in him from the beginning. Although François has always been into fashion something sparked inside of him when he started to help people pick out different outfits. This eventually led to Jafré Denim. Currently, Jafré Denim is surrounded by jeans and jean jackets but Jafré hopes to expand his line by adding shirts, track pants, hoodies, and more. 

François is a designer that you want to be on the lookout for in the future he plans on owning multiple storefronts in numerous locations. Recently he has been working on making customized denim dresses and he’s not stopping there. If François could advise himself in the beginning it would be to, “Have fun and to continue to make your product. You will gain more fulfillment by making your product on your own.” To learn more information and to see more of his work follow Jafré Denim on Instagram (@Jafredenim), Facebook (@Jashon Rainey), Twitter (@iwatchmetoo), and Snapchat (@alphamalejbandz).

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