The Real Dripsetter

Lorenz King

Being creative can be expanded through many different avenues. It could be done through rapping, singing, poetry, and all of the above but, what about the drip setters? Virgil Abloh once said, “I do fashion to tell a narrative.” Like Abloh artist Lorenz King believes the same thing. 

 Lorenz King is a Chicago South Side who has a sense of looking at things differently. King has always had a love for his art. It started with markers and paint. Then he transferred his artistic vision onto shoes, clothes, and more. Being from the South Side of Chicago gives him a surge that allows him to execute electrifying topics in his art like; social justice, racism, and institutionalization. Though these topics have an impact on his work, it isn’t the only thing. King allows his other inspirations to come from narratives from many places. These narratives come from his life story and his influencers Virgil Abloh, Jerry Lorenzo, Kool KIY, Juice Wrld, Julian Gaines. With these artists influencing him, you can tell King isn’t like anyone else. The way his influencers and himself carry themselves, you can distinguish the unique creative point of view.

 Although King has a passion for art, transferring his art to shoes was an accidental blessing in disguise. It all started with his accidental Huarache mishap. We all have those pairs of shoes that we “wear to death” well his all-white Huaraches were that for him. Being attached to the shoes caused a spark in his creativity. King obtained the idea to paint his shoes. Once he painted his shoes and displayed them on his Instagram he learned that he didn’t only love them but other people around him did too. This led to people asking him to use his talent and customize shoes for them too. This eventually turned into a business and a passion for King. 

 This young man and his beliefs alone are inspiring. I can’t help but imagine all the places he will go in the future. King has plans to continue to create and eventually become a fashion designer or a visual artist. He can do all of the above with his mindset of, “trusting the process” and not limiting himself to one thing. Lorenz King truly embodies making fashion his narrative and giving “drip setters” a different wave to follow. For more information about his art, you can await on him completing his next few pairs of shoes, his canvas painting, and transferring his art further onto clothes. To see these projects come to life, you can follow him on Instagram @loose.laced. You do not want to miss out on his come up.

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