Achieving your goals and making your dreams become a reality may be difficult but artist JustAimHigh (JAH) proves that it is possible with his name alone.

JAH is a Chicago native from the southside who tries to remind people that there is so much more to live for than what is on the surface. He spreads this message with his music and who he surrounds himself with. Focusing on this message requires growth within oneself but for JAH he grew with his music. Being from Chicago some of his older projects included drill elements until he expanded his music collection and became open to other sounds. You can hear the difference in his projects Hope for the SouthSide and Incline, Pt.2. Hope for the Southside had more of this Chicago sound with his flare to it. JAH’s voice is different; it pulls you in regardless of the sound especially with his project Incline, Pt. 2. Incline Pt. 2 gives a different sound. JAH unlocked a new version of himself that allowed him to connect with his fans more. Though JAH allowed being from Chicago to impact his music, there were musical influences also. These influences are Drake, Future, Youngthug, and Jamie Foxx.

JAH has so much to offer. From the message in his music to his mentality to his drive to become better. In Chicago, not many are blessed to be in the position he’s put himself in. This reason alone is why his message is that there is more to live for and that you can obtain better. We need more people to show us that having hope and losing people who aren’t here for the same reason as you are okay. It’s all a part of the process of making your way out. This is what I’ve learned from JAH after having only a couple of conversations with him. Other than this message, his message for new artists is, “Confidence is key and to surround yourself with those who have the same mindset as you so that you all can reach where you want to be and obtain those blessings meant for you.” If you want to learn more about JustAimHigh and his music, you can follow him on Twitter @justaimhigh_ and Instagram @justaimhigh_.

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