Make It Out

Preme; Chicago Dj and founder of Preme Night Show

“Music changed my life in so many ways” -Ski Mask The Slump God 

Music has been an outlet for people for many years. Whether if it’s listening to it, making it, or using it to enhance people’s life experiences. A Dj by the name of Quentin but many of you know him as Preme creates an experience with music that many people will not forget. 

Preme is from Chicago but to pinpoint it he is from Ova East where the legendary Avalon Regal Theater resides. The beauty of Chicago’s scenery and talent remains on the minds of visitors but to the citizens, the beauty is in the struggle of building this scenery and talent to make it out to achieve their goals. With that being said as you learn more about Preme you realize that he is laying down the foundation for himself to create his way out.

As a Dj Preme has created an amazing foundation for himself that it can leave people speechless. Preme has Dj’d a Lyrical Lemonade’s Summer Smash, Avondale Theater, The Patio Theater, and The Vic Theater, and high school gyms across the city. Playing these different venues allowed Preme to relate and touch his audience by allowing them to escape their current reality with the one thing he loves the most; music. Music influences people’s lives in many ways especially at a concert to an extent. I know I had an eye-opening moment when I saw Juice Wrld live and his Dj was the one and only Dj Mike P. At that moment watching Chicago natives on the stage together and expressing themselves through music made me realize I can make a way out just like Preme is making his way out to better his life and others without even realizing it. 

With Preme performing at these different venues he also has his own sets and opens for various artists. Some of the artists he has opened for are Lil Keed, Lil Tecca, Mozzy, Yung Bans, Warhol. ss, Hatesonny, and Wemmy Mo. Out of all the artists he’s opened for the one that made him step out of his comfort zone was Lil Tecca. Opening for Lil Tecca was overwhelming due to having to back up his previous opening of one of the top artists in the game now. Although this performance was overwhelming it didn’t stop him; he kept going and grinding to be in the situation today. Currently, Preme has the Preme Night Show where he brings back the feelings people have when going to see their favorite artist or himself live. The Preme Night Show is everything from fun to creating the most dangerous but exciting mosh pit you’ve ever been in. Overall the Preme Night Show glorifies being young and enjoying young life which is what some people lose sight of nowadays. 

 Preme is truly living his best-blessed life with all the opportunities placed in front of him. With all these blessings he wants his artistry to stand on allowing people to be themselves in any room or any situation presented to them. That’s all a part of making it out and standing on your ground to gain better as he did. If he were to advise a new artist or anyone it would be to “start slow, don’t go too fast grow and work on your craft so you can showcase your best you because people will love the full you that you are working on.” This is extremely important because you want to have the best craft. After all, it reflects you as an artist. Preme carries himself with this advice in mind because music and becoming a Dj is something he is passionate about and it is exciting to watch. Learning about him you learn that it is only a matter of time before something great happens for you and your artistry so you shouldn’t give up. 

 Once we get through this Coronavirus Pandemic I can ensure that seeing Preme live is going to be more bussin than it was before. Until the Pandemic is over Preme has merchandise coming out soon that everyone should be on the lookout for. If you want to enjoy some of his mixes and take yourself back to those concert memories where you were living your best life you can listen to his mixes on Soundcloud by typing in Preme Jesus or click “Preme Jesus” to bring you to Soundcloud right now. To learn more or keep an eye out for his next event you can follow Preme on Instagram and Twitter @prem3__. 

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