Legato SZN

By: Arianna Williams

“If you don’t know your full- throttle history, the whole story of how you come to where you are, it’s kind of hard to put things together” – Nipsey Hussle. 

Zar Legato

 Being a product of the hood isn’t easy. There is always something that finds a way to stop you. Being a product of what made you doesn’t mean you can’t grow and make a move to better yourself. It’s hard being a product of the hood but there is always a way out.

 Zar Legato, a “product” of Chicago’s West Side, provides a story of his life and a humbling story, all in one. When Zar was younger, his family allowed him to see the city in different neighborhoods by moving from the Austin community, North Lawndale, Fifth City, and currently The Holy City. As they moved, Zar picked up on the beauty of Chicago and her heartless, dangerous, and snakes in the grass side also. Although being from Chicago carries importance in Zar Legtao’s music, he still has artists that influenced him. Some of these artists are Lil Wayne, Tupac, Drake, Nipsey Hussle, and Kevin Gates.

 Before Zar Legato, there was Lazarr. Lazarr used to rap in middle high school and gained the nickname “Lil Wayne.” He obtained this nickname because he had long hair and rapped Lil Wayne’s songs all the time. As Lazarr got older, he lost his passion for rapping but instead, he picked up a pen to become a poet. You can hear it in his music because of how well his words flow. Slowly Lazarr came back to rapping and became the artist we know today, Zar Legato. Being Zar Legato isn’t simple. Legato is added to the name Zar to bring deeper meaning. Legato is Italian for a musical composition being put together smoothly. Zar Legato is a man who takes the meaning of Legato as being able to stand 10 toes down regardless of what life presents to him. 

With being a man that stands ten toes, Zar Legatos music can stand on its own. Since his comeback, he has released two projects called The Black Romance and Thoughts to Myself both, projects have made an impact on Zar Legato. Though it made an impact on him, The Black Romance allowed him to step out of his box. The Black Romance made him step out of his comfort zone. He had to go back to all those sleepless nights, broken relationships, and more because his album is about love. The Black Romance embodies different forms of love like brotherly, significant other, family, and loving himself. Everyone needs one of these projects to make them realize what they went through so that they can grow from it. Although The Black Romance brought him out of his comfort zone he had more fun creating Thoughts to Myself. Out of these projects and his songs, Zar Legato’s top songs are Switch” “Out West Ni**a” “Star Gazing” “Best Friend” and “Hour Glass”. These are all amazing songs to start with when listening to Zar Legato but our top song by him is “Lunatic.” It’s just something about when he says “OO” it’s like hearing Pop Smoke say “Ok Ok.”

Though Zar is a “product” and that’s what he believes he is. He also believes that everyone is a product of what made them. Not only this but, they are more than what made them. Even with all the bad of being a “product” Legato focuses on his gift. Through the reflections of his journey, he leaves new artists with this piece of advice,“Make sure this is what you want. You must give it your all, invest in every single aspect of you inside of it. Invest in both production and promotion. I would also say not to be cheap as well because it’ll reflect on the quality of music. Last but not least be patient. You are going to hear more negative feedback before positive, you’re going to have more strangers support you than your people just keep working and let the craft speak for you. Trust the process, Trust the hustle.” It is important to be invested in what you love because it could take you out of the environment that made you a “product.” Even though you are taken out of that environment but you shouldn’t forget it because those experiences make you who you are as an artist. With that being said to learn more about Zar Legato you can follow him on Instagram @legatoboi and twitter @LegatoBoi. 

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