First Lady

Kdolla The Menace the First Lady of DOJO.

In the lab, as Professor was making the idea of the “First Lady” he didn’t know he was making Keyanni Lewis aka Kdolla The Menace. A First Lady is someone who carries themselves with elegance but shows she’s not taking from anyone and Kdolla does just that

 Kolla is a southside native from Chicago which is shown in her artistry. Due to being from Chicago, her music shows that she isn’t bowing down any to anyone. Before Kdolla was known as The Menace that murders every beat she hops on she was a poet. In high school her time as a poet she exhibited a hopeless romantic side of herself. It wasn’t until her sophomore year of college that she had a shift in herself from a hopeless romantic to a savage. Through this change, she couldn’t write poetry anymore so she became the rapper we know today as Kdolla The Menace. 

 Though Kdolla The Menace haven’t released any projects yet her songs “$$$ (Money Remix)” and “Average Ho” proves she isn’t one to play with. The first song I’ve ever heard by Kdolla The Menace was “Average Ho” and I cannot wait to see what she has planned for the future. As Kdolla The Menace traveled through her change she became the First Lady of Dojo. Dojo is a lifestyle and a family of artists that started before Kdolla got to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Once she got to the university she met Sk da Sensei and N8TE who encouraged her to join their family. For Kdolla The Menace the family bond within Dojo helped her artistry because it allowed her to see her family grind which made her want to grind right beside them. 

 You can spend time visioning what Kdolla wants to do with her future or learn that her music makes her fans feel like their top tier and no one should be able to take that away from them. Especially when “Average Ho” comes on you’ll automatically start to feel like you’re the baddest after hearing her say “I’m flexing you average” once. Don’t let her hyping herself up fool you, she is still the First Lady and as a first lady Kdolla The Menace still prides herself in being humble with speaking her truth. With speaking her truth Kdolla The Menace would advise new artists by saying, “Don’t give up. If you genuinely want to do music, go for it. If you’re getting constructive criticism, use it. Everybody ain’t always hating. Rome wasn’t built in a day, So take time to perfect your craft. If it’s meant, it’ll all come together.” This is something all artists should do. So, if you are an artist take this advice from Dojo’s first lady and perfect your craft every chance you get. 

 As mentioned before Kdolla doesn’t have a full project released but she has her debut mixtape coming out soon and it will be called Menace Mayhem. To keep up with Kdolla the Menace and her releases you can follow her on twitter @_KVSH.

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