Green Light

“The main difference about a producer and a beat maker is the ear.” – Metro Boomin 

 Metro Boomin is a producer from the Atlanta area that has produced many of the songs we know today. Why am I bringing him up? Because of producer Ezekiel. wav could give Metro Boomin a run for his money in the future. 

 Ezekiel. wav is a producer in Chicago’s Roger Park area who allows Chicago Drill music to influence his musical compositions. Everyone knows that Chicago Drill music created a new wave for drums being used in beats. That is what continues to make music unique from the last decade but Ezekiel. wav provides another layer of originality through transitioning from the use of classical instruments in his beats to adding Lo-Fi elements to his productions. Ezekiel. wav is extremely talented but what can you expect when his musical influences are Metro Boomin, Pierre Bourne, and FKJ (French Kiwi Juice). 

 Before Ezekiel was Ezekiel. wav he played in the band in middle school and always had a love for music, especially rap. He didn’t want to rap so he decided to lay out the blueprint for it and start producing in high school. In the summer of 2018, he became one of the producers and a family member of Dojo. Dojo is a family and group of artists that influence the lifestyle of people bettering themselves in various aspects of life. Being a part of Dojo has impacted Ezekiel. wav beats by allowing him to connect with other artists and learn different sounds. 

Learning about these different sounds allowed him to produce some of his favorite songs like; Rock by N8TE, Tell Me What You Know by Trevy, and All That by Sk Da Sensei. Being a producer Ezekiel. wav is brought out of his comfort zone all the time but the one project that did this was Reflections of Me by Sk Da Sensei. Reflections of Me brought him out of his comfort zone because it was the first cohesive that he played as a producer. As each song plays you make that face. You know that face when that shit cold especially with the beat to Cappin by Sk Da Sensei ft. El Rell. I always thought to myself whoever produced this song and got this collab to happen is cold. 

Although Ezekiel. wav creates the blueprint to the music it is more than music. Producing is an art within itself that requires a different kind of creativity and mindset. When he speaks about being creative it’s one of the most beautiful things that I’ve read. It was more beautiful than the Green Light in the Great Gatsby. Well, he is the Green Light of Dojo. According to Ezekiel. wav “being a creative makes you truly immortal. Having content that is recorded and stored for the enjoyment of others’ whether it be music or otherwise; will outlive us and keeps our spirit alive even though we may not be physically present.” Like his beats, this statement should leave you speechless. To learn more about Ezekiel. wav or if you want to inquire about his services you can follow him on Instagram @ezekeiel.wav or twitter @ezekiel_wav. 

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