Nate or N8?

N8TE an artist of DOJO

    Through decades of rap artists have created aliases. Diddy has Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, and Puffy. While Eminem has Slim Shady and Nicki Minaj has Roman, not many of these artists or other artists with Aliases combine theirs into one. Artist Nate also known as N8 or known as N8TE, combine his aliases through his art. 

 N8TE is a rapper from Chicago’s Westside. Being from Chicago impacts his music especially being from the Westside. Many of N8TE’s bars consist of what he knows as home and what happens in front of him. Although the Westside influences his music, what about his aliases? N8TE is two different people combined in one. The first person is Nate, a regular college graduate that is now looking for a 9-5, and N8/ innate is a party animal and a rockstar. N8 is going to take N8TE where he wants to be as an artist. As you learn more about the two, you learn the two have very different musical influences. Nate is heavily influenced by J. Cole. While N8 is influenced by Playboi Carti and Big Sean. These two people are extremely different but once you put them together they create a talented rapper that has bars for days. 

 Before there was N8TE there was Nate the Poet in high school. N8TE isn’t only a rapper but a phenomenal poet and was in Louder Than a Bomb for three years in high school which probably led to many of the iconic lines we know today. Some of these iconic lines consist of; “Shorty said she sick my d*** is Robitussin”, “I been the shit I came out my momma’s colon”, and many more. From LTAB to his out of the world lyrics, N8TE finds himself in the home of the Dojo. The dojo is a lifestyle that was created by his friend group that just so happened to be a group of artists that became a family. Being in this family has helped N8TE push himself to become a better artist. 

 With the help of Dojo and his alter egos N8TE creates quality music for his fans. N8TE’s music allows you to catch a vibe before the beat drops and continues you on that trip with his slick word choice. You never know what you’re going to get but you best believe that it is going to leave you with goosebumps as you sit there in awe. Some of N8TE’s songs that are a must listen to are; “Goldie”, “Love Song”, and Cre8tives favorite “Awesome Lil Mama.”

 To keep his fans on their toes N8TE is working on his upcoming project Goldie Rocks The Stands and it isn’t like any of his other projects. According to N8TE Goldie Rocks, The Stands may incorporate singing which he rarely does. Which will make this project more unique than the last. To help him with this project his producer Ezekiel. wav will help perfect this project for everyone to enjoy. 

 Overall N8TE’s artistry is unforgettable simply because music is his passion. If he were to give an upcoming artist advice it would be “stop trying to be like somebody else. There are way too many clones out here that people are gassing up. If you love this rap game, be authentic, and find your lane.” With that being said find who you are and run with it because N8TE did it by combining two people to make himself the artist he is today. I could constantly send praises to N8TE but you all need to listen and understand for yourself. To learn more about N8TE and keep up on the update of his music follow him on twitter @napgod_. 

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