You’re Wrong Sir

Aniyha Jones the creator of You’re Wrong Sir podcast.

Living in a society dominated by men it is hard for a woman to breakthrough. Especially in the sports industry but women are slowly coming up and taking over this industry full force. One of these women who will take over this industry one day is Aniyha Jones. Jones is the creator of the You’re Wrong Sir podcast where she focuses on bringing a different voice in the sports industry. 

Aniyha Jones is a west side native from Chicago, Illinois. While she was growing up she played basketball and knew that she wanted it to be with her forever. Once Jones graduated from Providence St. Mel her love for sports followed her to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. At U of I, she is a business major who eventually wants to own her sports agency. But, what can she do to start her agency? This question lingered over her and led to her creating You’re Wrong Sir. 

You’re Wrong Sir was established in quarantine. During this time Jones took the time to research and grow with her craft which led to her success. Within two months of having her podcast, she made it to the NBA Bubble and received over a thousand views. Though she does discuss topics in the NBA and has male guests on the podcast she stays true to her purpose by highlighting a woman in the sports industry on every episode. From Taylor Brooks to Nicole Lynn, Jones is making sure everyone receives their flowers. Not only does she highlight women but she also amplifies Black Voices. Many of her episodes amplify Black Voices with topics from discussing HBCU twitter to Lebron James and the Black Lives Matter movement. There are so many topics wrapped into one that you can learn so much from. 

As Jones continues to make progress with her podcast she still has her goal in mind. This goal is obtaining her own sports agency. Many people may wonder, “ how does wanting a sports agency make her a creative?” She is a creative simply because she’s building her brand, learning how to make graphics, marketing, and many other skills that are required for the job. The most important thing that makes her a creative is her mind. Being a creative should allow you to knock down barriers in society with your voice no matter what the platform may be. Although she is just beginning her journey as a creative she advises those who are starting a podcast to, “ Get a microphone, do research, plan everything out, and remember there is no instant success. Don’t create a podcast to be famous but do it because you’re passionate about it. Focus on your small accomplishments and work for the big ones. Never forget to remember your why and to stay confident.” 

Overall You’re Wrong Sir is a podcast worth listening to simply because it’s breaking down a barrier and all the thought-provoking conversation starters. To keep up with her podcast you can search You’re Wrong Sir on Spotify or follow her on Instagram @yourewrongsir_ or Twitter @niyhaaa_. 

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