Chicago Rapper Hatesonny

Vulnerability is a word that makes many people step out of their comfort zone. It causes you to express yourself and your deepest thoughts you’d never think would come to the surface. People do this in many ways but artist Hatesonny does this with his music. Hatesony is from the south side of Chicago which allowed him to understand what’s going on and the ability to adapt to change. This is very important because Chicago is constantly changing whether it’s through the arts, the streets, or politics it’s always a need to adapt.

Hatesonny learned the ability to adapt from his family because he watched them go from their low points to their high points. Watching his family change and experiencing it himself has a huge impact on his music. With Hatesonny’s family having an impact on his music artist Lil Wayne influenced it too. With these influences impacting his music he needed a push to start his music. Music was always essential to Hatesonny from his dad being a DJ to his grandma teaching music and his aunt having her music group. Music took over his life in different forms. Eventually, in high school, he started writing poetry which helped pursue his music career.

As you listen to Hatesonny’s music you can hear the impact his family has on his music. You can especially hear this in his newest project Golden Child. Golden Child has many songs that allowed him to get out of his comfort zone especially “Moonchild” which his father and aunt helped create. Though this project allows him to be vulnerable he wants all his music to mean something. This meaning is to be comfortable with yourself as you develop as a person, especially as an artist. You have to understand that it is okay being a complex person and expanding yourself.

Overall Hatesonny’s music and his message is something that people should listen to. New artists should listen to his advice that was given in an exclusive interview. This advice was to, “be comfortable with expressing yourself and understand yourself as an artist. Once you do this go crazy and don’t let anyone tell you anything because it is your creative expression.” If you want to learn more about Hatesonny you can follow him on Instagram and twitter @hatesonny.

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