Ms. Jones, If You Nasty

“And everythin’ she got, she work for it, good life made for it. She take pride in sayin’ that she paid for it”~ She Got Her own x Jamiee Foxx ft. Ne-Yo

Ms. Jones, If You Nasty

As an artist, you must have yourself no matter what people say or do for you. It is essential to your artistry and life because at the end of the day when no one else is around you’re all that you have. An artist that exhibits this sense of independence is Emily Jones aka Ms. Jones, If You Nasty. Ms.Jones was born outside of Flint, Michigan but moved to the Northside of Chicago at the age of 8. Soon her family moved to Turkey and after a month she left her family to take care of herself. Though her home life wasn’t ideal she made the best out of it and made the best for herself. She is currently a student at U of I on a full ride.

Before she was Ms. Jones, if you Nasty she was known as Emily a poet. In high school, she worked with different poetry organizations and Young Chicago Authors that allowed her to connect with different artists. If it wasn’t for the art scene in Chicago she wouldn’t have received the different perspectives she obtained from their experiences. Besides her experiences in Chicago, her home life impacted her significantly. Emily needed an outlet to express what was happening and how she felt. This was hard because at home she was an introvert but as soon as she connected poetry with performing her extroverted side came out. Even though her life experiences impact her music, so does poetry and artists like Rico Nasty, The Weekend, Rupaul, and JunglePussy. Music genres like 80s Rock, country, 90s pop, and intimate R&B music impact her music also. When listening to her music you can hear references from cartoons and movies.

As a poet Emily always had a way with words it wasn’t until she met two producers from Dojo (Ezekiel.wav and Thaddeus.wav) she became Ms. Jones, if you Nasty. Unlocking Ms. Jones was like collecting the final Infinity Stone and the result was her EP Tweakin. Currently, the top songs off this EP are “Hi-C” and “Will You Do Drugs With Me?” The aesthetic these songs give you can tell why they are the top songs of this project. “Hi-C” gives off a different type of “city girl” or “hot girl” vibe. From lyrics like “ I was chilling with your man and he was feeling on me” to “take his money and his weed and throw him over the deep end” to “smoke up all his weed call me to puff the dragon.” If you want to be a hot girl/ city in the most unnoticeable way Ms. Jones, If You Nasty’s music is for you. Though Ms. Jones gives off a city girl vibe she wants to speak for women who want to feel sexy, happy, angry but are told not to be these things. Ms. Jones is an artist that is knocking down the stereotypical barriers. Not every song a woman makes has to be about heartbreak or being in love but it can be about doing things men do. To keep up with Ms. Jones, If You Nasty and her message you can follow her on Twitter @yofaveheaux and Instagram @bigeejones.

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