Hidden talents are what makes a person different from everyone else. Being different is going to make you stick out as an artist. An artist that sticks out is Ausar and his project Flight of the Honeybee. Ausar shows that anyone can be a rapper but not everyone can be an artist. To be an artist you have to be innovative and stand out. 

Ausar is from Chicago with early Chicago influences. These influences come from Common, a rapper from Chicago who poetically describes the city. This poetic description of everyday things in Chicago stood out to Ausar. With Common making Ausar feel at home he soon joined another home at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. This home is no other than the campus legendary organization W.O.R.D. With W.O.R.D and Common backing him, Ausar began to slowly take rap seriously. Once Ausar took rap seriously he began his journey as an artist. 

During his journey, Ausar received the chance to appear on Rhythm & Flow, a Netflix show hosted by Chance The Rapper, Cardi B, and T.I. Although he didn’t make it past the first round it was still a great opportunity to be on there. After this appearance, Ausar took the time to focus on what makes him an artist and his purpose for making music. With this self-reflection, he realized it isn’t about if others like his music but if he loves his music. Once he realized this he came out swinging with new music being released. From his song “Roaring 20’s” to his recent project Flight of the Honeybee he hasn’t missed yet.

Ausar’s recent project Flight of the Honeybee has multiple unique concepts. One of these concepts is bees being a marginalized group of people who work to make a better place but don’t always receive what they deserve. This concept is applied in track 4 of his EP, Honey. Honey shows this because it was the most collaborative song on the project. It consists of five producers and two features that tell a story of dancing with destiny and achieving your goals. This project shows Ausar’s growth as an artist which is important. It is important to grow with each project as Ausar demonstrates. 

As Ausar shows to be an artist it is important to be innovative he also epitomizes someone who is driven and stands in what they believe in. At the end of the day if you are looking to follow an artist on their journey of growth Ausar is who you should be looking at. To keep up with Ausar’s journey you can follow him on Twitter @AusarMusic and Instagram @ausarmusic.  

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