The Kat Walk

“Fashion fade, style is eternal”- Saint Laurent

Teara Morrow: CEO and Founder of The Kat Walk

As an artist, you have to have your style and your vision. Meet Teara Morrow a model, a creator, and founder of The Kat Walk LLC.
Teara Morrow is a model from Lasing, IL who thrives off building a new style that people haven’t seen before. Morrow’s journey of building this style began in her youth. She did this by modeling in her church and other communities within the Chicago area. Though Morrow wanted to model there weren’t many modeling agencies or programs surrounding her. This caused her to start small and build her agency The Kat Walk.

The Kat Walk started as a Registered Student Organization at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign on August 7, 2019, and a year later it became an agency/LLC. This agency began with Morrow’s vision of inclusion in the modeling industry. Morrow wants The Kat Walk to be a home for models no matter their background is. The Kat Walk showcases this through Kat Prints, virtual Kat Walks, and more. Morrow has given models a home and a chance to grow as a model as she did.
On this runway journey, Morrow leaves food for thought with each strut. Her food for thought consists of inclusion, concept, innovation, creativity, confidence, and skill. Morrow shows this food for thought through her modeling. She exudes her message of Black models deserving to wear big-name clothing brands and the concept of versatility through self-expression in a fashion show. As she continues to strut down her runway she will break ceilings and hopefully, you will be there front row to see. To keep up with The Kat Walk and Morrow’s journey you can follow her on Instagram @_thekatwalk and Twitter @TheKatWalk.

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