Life is full of twists and turns but the one thing that matters is surrounding yourself with people who accept you for you. Artist LateNightSlide showcases this through his musical journey.

LateNightSllide is an R&B singer from Konsha, Wisconsin. Being from Wiscosin’s cold weather influenced his music by making songs that are emotional and focusing on relationship vibes while being cuddled by your significant other. Wisconsin may have impacted his music but there are a number of things that create his emotional heartfelt music. From being in and out of love to watching other people go through relationship turmoil.

These scenarios may influence his work but his journey on being an R&B singer began long before this. When he was in high school he loved music but stuck to rapping because a lot of his friends were rappers and he didn’t feel comfortable singing around them.Being stuck in this environment he wasn’t reaching his full potential until his wife encouraged him to create his R&B music. Not only has he started his journey as an R&B singer but as an engineer for other artists across the world. With his journey only beginning he has two songs out titled “Euphoria” and “End of Time.” Though these songs have different meanings it remains on the same upbeat instrumentals while explaining how much he cares for this woman he is singing about. 

If it is one thing that you should gain from LateNightSlide is to be yourself and be careful who you place in your circle because it can steer you away from your dreams. Keeping that in mind he has songs coming out soon and one title “King” coming to you January 13, 2020. In order to keep up with LateNightSlide and his releases you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @_latenightslide.

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