My Crynicles

Sierra Mckie Creator of My Crynicles

Sierra Mckie is a highly praised creative especially on Twitter when her mini-series My Crynicles took over the social media platform. My Crynicles is a mini-series of Sierra Mckie’s love life or the lack thereof.  

The series began a year ago when Mckie decided to use the pilot as a way to get a job. Little did she know that the misfortunes of her love life would become more than what she expected. My Crynicles blew up across social media platforms during quarantine causing people to reflect on their own love life. 

As My Crynicles’ audience continued to grow Mckie came to an understanding of why this particular series resonated with more people than she expected. My Crynicles is about Mckie’s love life or the lack thereof but within this story, there are various situations. These situations vary from thinking you’re naive to sexual assault. In particular situations in relationships, people may think that their situation isn’t similar to anyone else’s but My Crynicles proves otherwise. 

When Mckie was asked about My Crynicles resonating with an audience she responded with, “I didn’t think I would relate with so many people because I didn’t think I had a common problem. I just thought I picked the wrong men. I didn’t realize until now it was common for people to look for manipulation and try to look for the weakness inside of you.”

With the audience she has not Sierra Mckie has taken on her weakness she talks about in the show and uses it to her advantage. Mckie has started Juvenile studios and produces/writes/animate My Crynicles all by herself. Her journey may not be easy but it is one that shows reflecting and opening up wounds can produce great art. 

Producing said great art comes from the character and the experience of the creator. Sierra Mckie is from Georgia but grew up in Missouri. Though she is from Georgia, the majority of her story thrives off her experiences in Missouri and at the University of Missouri. Mckie is a great character in My Crynicles (a great person in real life) because she is easy to relate to. She reopened wounds from her time at Mizzou to find a solution and study her past while looking for the common patterns and themes.

It may seem hard to go back and look for these themes but not for Mckie she goes back and relives the situation through old text messages and Twitter posts. This process brings her story to life and makes it much more relatable. You can feel everything she’s going through and maybe it’s because you went through something similar. Watching My Crynicles leaves an indescribable feeling. It also leaves you with the need to reflect on your own past to see where things went wrong and where you can grow. 

If you are ready to go on that journey with Sierra Mckie you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @babyfacemckie. You can become a Patreon to see new episodes of My Crynicles early at

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