DJ Ca$h Era

Dj Ca$h Era

It has been a year since COVID-19 has taken over the United States and canceled various opportunities for artists. Just a year ago CaSear Heining also known as Dj Ca$h Era performed at the 2020 All-Star Game in Chicago, Illinois. She was on high with her talent and performances until lockdown occurred. Being on lockdown didn’t minimize her talents but instead maximized them. Dj Ca$h Era is one of the few artists who was able to continue her artistry in this pandemic. 

Dj Ca$H Era is from Chicago but grew up in the south suburbs. Being from the city heavily influences her artistry due to the industry being so competitive. In this industry, you need something that makes you different but, what makes Dj Ca$H Era so different? For one her artistry, her mixes flow smoothly even if the genres of the two songs do not match. The second reason is her drip. DJ Ca$h Era is known to make something her own and own it. Third, her personal life experiences make her stand out as a Dj. 

As a Dj, she has played at numerous events and expos. She’s played at Toast of the Coast, a DJ competition for the Northcoast Music Festival, and because she won this competition she played on their mainstage during the main event. Dj Ca$h Era is also the official Dj for Young Chicago Authors. Being a part of YCA has allowed her to DJ Louder Than A Bomb.  LTAB has given her many stories to remember but one of the most memorable things is performers at LTAB look forward to hearing her play every year.  When speaking to Hening about LTAB and the performers her demeanor lights up. Watching these kids perform does something to her. 

“The energy is so sporadic,” Heining sad. “ The power these kids have to spit is amazing,” she continued.  

With those younger than her looking up to her, she remains humble and stays true to herself. DJ Ca$h Era will soon become a household name if it did not become one with her appearance in AT&T’s It’s a 312 Thing commercial. Becoming a household name will allow her to connect to her fans more than she already has. 

She has broken many barriers by being a Black Queer Woman Dj. Dj Ca$h Era is the Phillis Wheatley of her time. This means she is making noise. The noise she is making will allow anyone in the minority groups she represents to make their way down this path in the future. Although she may have feared this path in the beginning she is proving her fears wrong.

When asked about starting she said, “ It felt like fear. I didn’t see anyone that looked like me. It was a bit intimidating not having anyone I could look to that was like me.”

While Dj Ca$h Era shows that representation matters, there were many obstacles she must face. One of the obstacles she got in the ring and rumbled with was COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, she has lost the opportunity to play at events in person. Although she wasn’t playing in person she gets the crowd going with her stream on Twitch. 

“I’m blessed to still be DJ’ing full time during the pandemic,” Heining said. 

It truly is a blessing. During this pandemic, most artists have become starving artists. They either lost their jobs or they don’t know how to adjust. Dj Ca$h Era adjusted and now have the opportunity to start playing live sets once again. To keep up with Dj Ca$h Era and her journey you can follow her on Instagram @djcashera and Twitter @DJCaShEra. 

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