The Game Love Plays

Artist Ré Alissa

Ré Alissa’s music demands her to dabble in the pool of love. Lucky for love she isn’t afraid to dive into that pool.

Ré Alissa is an artist from Chicago, Illinois’ Beverly neighborhood. She has always been into music due to her strong musical background. Growing up with a dad who plays instruments with a mother and sisters who sing it was meant for Ré Alissa to be the artist she is today.

“Music has always been my favorite way to tell how I feel,” Ré Alissa said.

Expressing herself in a musical aspect allows her to put her listeners on an emotional roller coaster. Her recent project Rétrospect does this by discussing different situations that happen when you’re in a relationship with a person. In the first song off the project, “Something I Know,” she expresses to her significant other that his actions do not align with what he claims he wants. Towards the middle of the project, she has a change of heart. Her song “Secrets,” featuring Tamar Mitchell, shows that she is willing to work on a relationship. She reveals that she wants to be their secret.

“When it comes to relationships and intimacy, I’m closed off. This project allowed me to get past situations off my chest that people can understand. Even if it means I sound crazy,” Ré Alissa said.

While working on this project and growing as an artist, she focused on three virtues. These virtues are networking, consistency, and quality. Networking is needed to help build relationships to help better yourself in your career. Consistency is key to good music. You have to consistently put something out so that your fans know that you are still here. Quality is the last virtue she focuses on. Releasing quality music keeps listeners coming back for more. Keeping these three virtues in mind Ré Alissa plans to continue to apply them to her career.

As Ré Alissa’s career continues to grow you do not want to miss the quality and the consistent content she releases. To keep up with her, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @realissamusic

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