Heart-Throb Hippy

Arkansas artist Kyle Hippy

Music is a vital part of our day, at least for the majority of us. Kyle Hippy is an artist that stands by this. He describes music as an energy that can determine our day. Kyle Hippy probably already knows this but he executes this very well with his music.

Kyle Hippy is an artist from Arkansas that can touch the stars with his energy alone. You can hear the energy he carries in his songs. These energies are exhibited in various songs. Examples consisting of “Monte Rugs” to his feature on J. Howell’s “Talk” there is something about him that no one can touch. Many things activate his energy. From his musical influences (Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Travis Scott) to his life experiences Kyle Hippy is the epitome of an aura that reveals a new layer with each song.

Due to Kyle Hippy’s belief that music determines energy his start is rooted in this concept. Kyle Hippy was around friends and eventually got drained from listening to the same thing over and over again so he decided to do something different. Being different is what draws people to him and his music. Not only that but the message he wants his audience to perceive. This message is that it is possible to become the impossible. Though the odds may be stacked against you there is always a way out if you put your mind to it.

Kyle Hippy practices his message by pushing every day and constantly putting out new music. He has a new project coming out on September 18, 2020, titled Heartbreak Hippy. To keep up with information on his new project you can follow him on Instagram @kyle_hippy.

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