Moe$ Less Problems

Moe$: Chicago Rapper

The idea of things not going as planned frightens many of us but it didn’t frighten artist Moe$ (Moe Money). Moe$ is an artist from Chicago, Illinois who didn’t let his misfortunes take over him. Before Moe$ became a rapper he was a football player. He played football for Eastern Illinois University (EIU) until he injured himself. This injury gave him the time he needed to find another plan, perhaps another love. Though he did have some love for music because he played the drums and wrote small poems it grew within one night in an EIU dorm. In this dorm, he started to rap with his teammates and realize that he can do more than just more than just playing football. 

His teammates may have been the push to get Moe$ to rap but his family has impacted him too. His family was immersed in the music business in different ways. His grandfather is Red Cooper who was a famous musician that played with the Sharps & Flats. His uncle would drive artists like Chaka Khan and his brother is his manager. These men in his life have influenced his music greatly. Other than his familial influence, being from Chicago influences his music too. He doesn’t just focus on the violence but focuses on a message that the diverse community in Chicago can relate to.

Moe$’s music speaks for itself. With his diverse sounds that reflect his diverse city, you can tell that he is fighting his way to the top and he’s not going to stop. His recent project Quarantine shows his versatility with his top song “Cold Blooded.” With his project Quarantine showcasing different melodies he continues this streak with his newest song and music video “Begun.” No matter what song you listen to Moe$ is guaranteed to get stuck in your head and leave you craving for more. If you want more of Moe$ you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @moemoney2x.

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