The Growth of Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee

Growing as an artist is important because it helps you find yourself in your message. Not only is it important to grow as an artist but as a person too. This has to be done in order to become the best version of yourself. An artist growing to become the best version of themselves is one of this week’s highlights; Lisa Lee. 

Lisa Lee is a native of Chicago’s Southside where she started rapping at the age of eight years old. At a young age she participated in freestyle sessions and performed at lunch in grammar school. Though she did all of this it  wasn’t until two years ago when she realized that this was her passion. What is the difference between grammar school and two years ago if she’s doing the same thing now? The difference now is that her catchy phrase, fast paced hooks, and witty metaphors took her on a journey grammar school Lisa  wouldn’t have thought of. This journey of growing as an artist wouldn’t have happened without her city, friends, and her father. 

Lisa Lee wasn’t always Lisa Lee she had to grow into it. Her growth began when she was eight. Earlier it is mentioned that Lisa began rapping at eight not only did she begin rapping at this time but she got to see the city. Growing up in Chicago allowed her to experience certain situations that she raps about in her music along with her love for the city. Not only does the city contribute to the growth of Lisa Lee but so does her father. Her father introduced her to different styles of music that allows her to diversify herself in her music. 

Learning different styles of music gave Lisa Lee the ability to break ceilings and discover skills she didn’t know she possessed.Lisa Lee came into the game full force with her song “RN.” “RN” was the song to prove that she could take rapping seriously. “RN” didn’t only prove that she could rap but proved that she could have longevity. While Lisa Lee is putting out more music “RN” remains the most viewed, the most played, and the reason why she received many of the opportunities she has today. One could go on and on about her music but her artistry speaks for itself. Lisa Lee has opened for big name artists and featured Queen Key on her song “Look at Me.” The hard work she’s put in within two years proves that she isn’t going anywhere any time soon. 

Lisa Lee left various key points to artistry with me. The first point was a quote by Dick Clark that states, “music is the soundtrack of our lives.” Without music most of us are nothing because it is what gets us through the day and gives us the chance to express ourselves. The second key is to be yourself with your art because being genuine results in longevity. Lastly don’t be lazy, work on your craft, and the only person who can stop you is yourself and that shouldn’t happen. If you’d like to see Lisa Lee practice these key points you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @lisaleemusic_ .

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