Likybo Takes Tik Tok


Taking the time and perfecting your craft is one of the most important things a creative can do because you never know when it is your time. An artist that goes by the name of Likybo proves this with his song “Kraazy.”

Likybo is a rapper who is from Oakland, California, and grew up with a lot of violence surrounding him. Though he was surrounded by the violence he was determined to find a way out. Before Likybo was a rapper, he played basketball until he transferred high schools which caused league rules to make him stop. After his dreams of playing basketball fell through he began to rap on Instagram. Little did Likybo know that the failure of one journey would lead to a journey with an even bigger blessing.

As Likybo’s next blessing was in the works he began to take rapping seriously with releasing music consistently. Within 2017 alone he released 4 projects that would soon be noticed by fans on TikTok in 2020. From his 2017 project Million Dollar Mindset his song “Kraazy” blew up overnight. His next song “Hypnotized” blew up from his 2018 project

These two songs have two things in common. The first thing is samples within the songs. Majority of Likybo’s songs sample old school music incorporated with a new school twist. Besides the use of samples having an impact on his music, so does G Herbo and Meek Mill. Once you listen to the majority of Likybo’s catalog you can tell that he showcases how both of these artists impact his music. The second thing his songs have in common is that you never know when your time will come. Likybo released “Krazzy” three years before it blew up. The underlying message of his success is to keep working because you never know which project or when the project will blow up.

In an exclusive interview with Likybo he gave me 4 key insights that are very important. The first key is that first impression matters because once you do something wrong it can either stick with you or you have to change your demeanor for this impression not to define who you are. The next key is that everyone goes through something and everyone may not see your vision but that is okay. The third key was that you don’t have to be the toughest because everyone goes through something and that you are never alone. Likybo’s last key point he gave me was his career and the process. Likybo constantly shows that your blessings can come at the least expected moments.

Overall Likybo is an artist worth listening to. He has messages in his songs that everyone needs to listen to. To keep up with Likybo you can follow him on Twitter @_Likybo and Instagram @likybo.

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