Studio773 by Q

Becoming an artist isn’t always someone’s ideal reality until it happens to them. Qusai also known as Q didn’t think he would be an artist either until he blew out his knee playing basketball.
Q is a Chicago native from Albany park and allows his Chicago origins to show within his art. Though Q didn’t know he could draw in high school he allowed this talent to come out during the time he had to let his knee heal. This process allowed Q’s mind to wander creatively for nine months straight. During this process, he fell in love with his work and invested in himself. First, it started with a computer next a camera and now his clothing. While Q was investing in his artistry he also invested in the LLC name Studio 773 by Q. He invested in this name because he needed something to identify himself and something Chicago based.
Studio 773 by Q may be inspired by Chicago and its area code but that isn’t the only thing. Q’s art and clothing reflect this as well. He recently released the Backwards shirt paid homage to the marijuana smokers in Chicago because no city smokes more Backwoods than the city of Chicago. Though his clothing reflects Chicago it also reflects the now. His next project Bandemic reflects the way people are making money during the pandemic. With his clothes reflecting now in the future it will be a timestamp for citizens and others to remember how society once lived their lives.
While Q is an artist he has a don’t get discouraged mindset. This mindset reminds him and others that although your previous work may not be good you will always get better. It is a guarantee if you work at it and he is a living experience of this. To keep up with Q and his future projects you can follow him on Instagram @studio773byq and Twitter @q_abdollarsigns.

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