Road Runner

Chicago artist TaeCa$h

Life comes with unknown circumstances that can turn one’s life upside down. Unlike many TaeCa$h is an artist that will make sure he prevails in the end.
TaeCa$h is from Chicago’s Westside but his origins don’t stop there. His origins continue with everything he has faced because it’s what influences his work. While living in Chicago TaeCa$h has seen the worst parts. He went from living in poverty, losing his mom, finding out something that impacted him greatly.

Road Runner x TaeCa$h

Though these situations impacted him he followed the dream his mom wanted for him and that was finishing school. Once he finished school he decided to follow his dream of being like The Temptations, a group he watched growing up with his mom. On his road to greatness like The Temptations, he has made two songs by the name of “Letter From the Streets” and “Road Runner.” Both of these songs purely reflect his life. In Road Runner, he recognizes his old movements and discusses his needs to change them to make it out for him, his friends, and importantly his mother.
With these changes in mind, TaeCa$h wants his music to reflect it with this message, “ Whatever you go through it is a way to make it better. You can always turn your L’s into lessons.” Keeping that in mind remember to take a hold of your life and become the Road Runner that will make everything better.
To keep up with TaeCa$h you can follow him on Instagram @taecashh_3 and Twitter @taecash_.

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