Armoni Music

Chicago Producer Armoni Taffe

“Any person may become great. No man has yet become so great in any faculty but that it is possible for someone else to become greater.” -Wallace D. Wattles 

Unlocking the potential to be great comes with time. Malcolm Gladwell once discussed his 10,000 hours rule. 10,000 hours is known as the magic number to achieve greatness. A producer who is constantly putting work in these hours is Armoni Taffe. 

Armoni Taffe is a producer/songwriter from Chicago who presents himself and his art gracefully. While Taffe is a producer/songwriter he is also a full-time student at the Berklee College of Music and Co-Founder of Rate By Greatness (RBG). RBG is an independent label started by him and his friends. This label was created to help artists grow through different outlets. While he is helping artists on their journey he is on one of his own.

Taffe’s musical journey has allowed him to be influenced by Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Pharrell Williams, and more. With these influences, Taffe has received numerous opportunities to perform at the House of Blues two years in a row, perform on Windy City Live, executive produce three projects, and be recognized by one of Top Dawg Entertainment’s (TDE) producers. With these opportunities underneath his belt, he is destined for great things. 

Song produced by Armoni Taffe

These great things will come with time as Taffe continues to practice within those 10,000 hours. During those hours Taffe had the ability to executive produce three albums. Within those three albums, he created songs that are significant to his career. Two of those songs are “Be Great” by D-Vo and “Want It” by Musa. These songs helped Taffe in different ways as a producer. Although these songs helped him as a producer of Musa’s upcoming project, Forfeit pushed him into uncharted territory. Forfeit was the first project he remade someone’s beat. Luckily for him being in this uncharted territory pushed him to become a better producer than he was before. 

From performing at the House of Blues to expanding as a producer he is someone you should look out for in the future. To keep up with Taffe’s musical journey and his 10,000-hour journey to achieve greatness you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @Taffeattack1.                  

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